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What’s YOUR Favorite?

Hello readers! It’s me Jewel, asking the question: What’s YOUR favorite? I’ll be asking some of these, “What’s YOUR favorite?” questions to try and better my blogging to what you like. (: Today I have a dental appointment, that’s why I can’t do a super long post for you guys. ): I had this post in my POST IDEAS list though for awhile so here it is.

So I’m going to give you some questions and  you pick the ones you want to answer in the comments below. So her are the questions:



  • What is YOUR favorite type post? (Photoshoots, photo stories, reviews, hairstyles, crafts, news, or would you like something different and what?)
  • Who is YOUR favorite of my American Girl dolls?
  • What is YOUR favorite type of doll? (which type of doll would you like to see more of, like: AG, Barbie, etc…)
 K I have to go now, BYE!



  • Katie

    photo stories are my favorite post. My favorite doll is Raven but
    I'd love to see more of McKenna, Caroline, and Saige in photo
    stories. My favorite doll is AG but I love the posts where you do Legos,
    Barbie, etc.

  • Diamond

    Post: I really enjoy your photo shoots, but I think you should make more
    photo stories.
    Doll: Grace is so pretty, and Ravens personality is sweet.
    Type: AG all the way! (Although, your Lego post was adorable)


  • From a Doll's Perspective (Anna)

    Favorite type of post: I really like both crafts and photostories.
    Favorite of your dolls: Raven. Mckenna is my second favorite.
    Favorite type of doll: Definitely AG, but since that's the most
    common doll to appear on blogs I always get super excited when some
    posts about another kind of doll.

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