When Jewel Doesn’t Post…

Hi guys. Yeah, I got some explaining to do. I am so sorry I didn’t get a post up Tuesday (more specifically the promised Saige’s Morning Routine). I lost the thingamabob (yes, that’s the technical term) that allows me to upload pics from my SD card onto my computer. Not to worry! My Mom ordered a new one that should be here soon. So yeah… I was going to do a replacement post but never got around to it. winces

Anywhoooo… I wanted to set some time aside to thank you guys for nominating me for the Paisley Awards! I am so grateful to you all. I am now in the top of three of the categories (Photo Series, Overall, and Best Dressed)! Thank You so much, and I hope you’ll vote for me!

I have all the pics for Doll Life: Saige’s Morning Routine, so I will be posting that tomorrow if I get my thingamabob. Plus, I think I need a few extra days to work on Cinderella (the dress came!).


So this post isn’t completely lost, here are a few bonus pics I recently took and edited, of my now 3-year-old brother.

Awwww. Is not he cute? Which of those did you like the best? I’ll see you guys tomorrow… hopefully! Bye for now, everyone!

~Jewel 💎


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