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Why Do My AG Dolls Have Young Ages?

Hello! I hope you all are having an amazing week! Today I want to talk about the ages of my American Girl dolls and why I choose to keep them young. Also, enjoy a photoshoot of Kit!

First I want to say that I have nothing against people who make their AG dolls to be teens and/or adults. Seriously, they can do whatever they want. I’m totally cool with it. 🙂 I’m just here to tell you all why I choose not to do that for my collection. This isn’t often talked about in the doll blogging world, so I hope if you are struggling to decide what ages to give your dolls, this can help.

So firstly, I  just didn’t want to stray too much from the age they were “meant” to be. The company of AG generally designates their dolls to be around the age of ten. My dolls stick pretty close to that pattern, my age ranges for them being from only 9-12 “years-old.” I do realize that some of my dolls are more mature so I gave myself at least a small range of ages to go by. The stuff AG sells is geared toward the dolls being kids anyway, so it is easier.

Following that fact, I did not think my girl dolls looked like teenagers or adults. They are not built like barbies. Like I said earlier, they are built to be little girls. It is different when they are adults etc. in one of my photo stories. I view that as basically “kids” in a “play.” They are not really that old, just pretending to be. Since dolls cannot “age” as humans do, my dolls do not change “ages” every year.

Also, I think of my AG dolls as cute, as little girls would be. Some like to think of them more as fashion models. I just don’t. When dolls are customized with make-up (although really pretty) it kind of ruins their cuteness for me, which I prefer over the stylishness.

I prefer that because, being a teenager, my AG dolls are somethings that allow me to hang onto the innocence of childhood. As one of my favorite Ninjas, Jay, from Ninjago would say, “It makes me feel young. Deal with it.” Especially, with the new boy dolls coming out in recent years, I want to maintain the fact that my dolls are kids, so I will not be sucked into the trap of continuous boyfriend/girlfriend play. My AG dolls are some of the only toys I can run to that exude complete innocence and inspire adventure in me.

What do you think? What is the youngest and oldest age your dolls are currently? Why do you decide to give your dolls the ages you do? I’d really love to hear your opinions in the comments! If you enjoyed this gathering of thoughts, I’d appreciate you liking this post! <3 Bye, for now, everyone!




  • Emmie

    This is such a thoughtful and unique post! My dolls are 8-13, but Jade is 15. I kinda want Maryellen to stay 8 forever(XD) and I like your idea of not having your dolls change ages! I think I’ll have her turn nine, and then just keep her in 3rd grade, because it’s so fun to write her crazy, fun, sassy, annoying third grader character!

    • Jewel

      Thank you so, so much Emmie! That’s a great range! Yes! I do love the different maturity levels that come with different ages! XD


  • Ara

    I totally agree with you! I don’t have set ages for my dolls, but my little sister likes to play dolls, and she often uses babies too, so her ages are even younger, so I do that too. My ages are usually between 4 and 8, but I also like having them about 10 years old as well. I also mostly think of my dolls as cute kids, not models, too. 😀

  • Tess

    Hey whaddaya know, my dolls aren’t models either. Although I do keep their ages from 12-14 range. tbh i think it’s cuz i really stink at putting outfits together. hehe.

  • Katie

    Nice! This was such an interesting post to read! I think that’s awesome that you keep your dolls in the book age range. My dolls currently range from 10 to 16, I’m never going above 16…. That was really pushing it for me XD I think the reason a lot of my dolls are teens is because it’s what I found relatable. I have a really hard time relating to girls my age, I don’t wear makeup, I’m not going to talk about boys for hours, I have different opinions on things than most girls (or even adults) have and just most of the things the teens I know I can’t relate to very well and makes for uncomfortable situations (then there’s something else but I won’t get into that XD). So now that I’ve been around more girls my age I realize that my dolls personalities really don’t match the ages I’ve given them LOL! But it also helps me to remember that we can be whatever we want at any age. Sorry for the random stuff about my having a hard time relating to teenagers XD awesome post as always! And Kit’s outfit is the cutest!
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Oh man, yeah, I totally am right there with you. I think its great you give your dolls ages that are relatable to you! There are so many reasons for specific doll collectors to choose specific ways of viewing their dolls to make it special for them. That is so true. Thanks so much, Katie! 🙂


  • Laura Beth

    I never really thought about it until now, but what you said makes sense. I have six dolls. Stephanie, my first, is 9, since I was 9 when I received her. Molly is 10. Kit is 10. Autumn, my second AGOT, is 10. Chrissa is 10. Z is 13. So, I follow the stories fairly closely. This is such a fun post!

  • The Human

    I totally agree! Although my dolls are around ten, I don’t really set an age for them. I figure Claire is my oldest, and my new doll is my youngest. I was actually thinking about this not long ago. I was thinking if my dolls ‘get older’ every year then, all of a sudden, they will be 19 or 20. I don’t want to write about adults problems, I play with my dolls to feel like a kid, not worry about growing up!
    I enjoyed reading this post, and the pictures are so pretty! 🙂
    ~ The Human

  • Nita Milbourn

    Thank you for your most recent post. I have a collection of 30 AG dolls and I too believe they are “little girls” and are meant to have their ages preserved between 9-12 (wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same?). I like your suggestion of their “dressing up” to pretend to be of a different age. All girls dress up to pretend do they not?

    One thing that you didn’t mention that I try to do for our girls (and boys) is to keep true to their intended timeline regarding their outfit styles. For instance, I never dress our Kaya in other than 1764 Nez Perce styles except at Halloween when she pretend dresses to be Pocahontas. When I added Truly Me #64 to our collection to be our Asian/Japanese gal, I almost had her ears pierced but thought I had better investigate the history of ear piercing in Japan. I learned that the Japanese believed that “the body your patents create for you should not be changed”. Of course, today things have changed but our Nara does not have her ears pierced holding true to her traditions.

    Again, thank you for sharing your ideas and practices,

    Smiles to you,


    • Jewel

      Thank you so much, Nita! 🙂 Yes, definitely.

      That’s so neat! I like the idea of doing that as well. 🙂 No problem.


  • hannahsdolls

    I feel the same! I like to keep my AG dolls relatively young, they’re a nice break from teenager life haha. My “youngest” is 11, and my “oldest” is 15. So my dolls are a bit older than AG dolls are meant to be, but I think 15 is the absolute oldest I’ll personally have one of my dolls be.

  • AGMedley

    I like to make the dolls close in age to me because they play out issues that a girl my age would have and make me think about what to do in a certain situation

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