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Why you MUST buy Mini Brands! (With Tenney)

I’m back!!! Yes, it has taken me a while to get back and posting on this blog, but we have finished our move and put all my AG stuff in a shed. Yup. That means it is going to be harder to do photostory-type posts since I am going to have to grab stuff from the shed and set up every time, but I’ll try for you guys. ❤️ I am just super thankful I can keep all that stuff. The Luciana photostory (A Time For Play) won the vote, so I will still try and make that story a possibility. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I actually have a very fun little review of Five Surprise Mini Brands (NOT Sponsored). My sis bought some recently then bought more after I had already taken the pics for this post! Tenney offered to host. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you enjoy it!

Tenney: Hiya guys! It’s me Tenney and today we are going to review these Five Surprise Mini Brands which are super cool, by the way.

Logan: Hey, Tennis-Shoe, can I help?

Tenney: No Logan! And would you please not call me Tennis-Shoe?

Logan: Fine Grumpy Pants.

Tenney: *Sighs*

Tenney: Five Surprise Mini Brands look like real brands like you would find in the store, except they are miniature! Let’s go through the items we got 1 by 1.

Tenney: First up, we received this pure silk shaving cream with a real little barcode and everything! Not sure how we would use this… but hey, it miniature so I’m not going to complain.

Tenney: This Suave Body Wash is a great size as well. This will be perfect in our new bathroom. (Yup we got a bathroom! Finally: am I right?)

Tenney: One important thing to note is that since these mini brands were not made for a specific doll or any doll, for that matter, not everything is the perfect size for your AG dolls.

Wendy: Yeah! Some are perfect size for me!

Tenney: AHH!!!! Who are you?!?!

Wendy: Hey! You dropped my Mini Brand!

Jewel: Tenney, you don’t have to freak out. You do know I have other doll brands besides you, right? Here you go, Wendy.

Jewel: See? It’s totally fine.

Tenney: …

Tenney: Ok, but I didn’t know they were sentient.

Jewel: Oh brother.

Wendy: These are perfect for me and my dozens of friends! BYE!

Tenney: Great! She has Friends! Now I’m going to have Barbie invasion nightmares. Moving on…

Tenney: Well… Not sure why we need another shaving cream… This one is for men, but…

Logan: I’ll take that!

Tenney: What?! Where did you come from? Is everyone stalking my review?

Tenney: Also, what are you doing? You don’t need to shave, Logan!

Logan: Yes I do!

Tenney: What? Why?

Logan: Because…

Logan: I’m a man.

Tenney: Ugh… Just don’t embarrass me.

Logan: I’m going! I’m going! Don’t worry, I won’t bother you again.

Tenney: What is super neat is the fact that we got a super rare PEZ candy dispenser with our first 5 surprise purchase!

Logan: Oh gosh! Is that candy? I really need that.

Tenney: Logan! You said you wouldn’t bother me.

Logan: Ok, I admit it. I’m lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on anything I might desire.

Tenney: What? That’s just creepy.

Logan: I do what I have to.

Tenney: Just leave, please.

Logan: Yeah. Sure. Fine. But I’m keeping this PEZ.

Tenney: Five Surprise Mini Brands come with a collectors list.

Tenney: In each blind box you can get 5 mini brands OR 4 mini brands and a buildable cart, basket, or shelf, which are very small. We, of course, got 5 mini brands.

Tenney: Here is what the blind boxes look like. It’s a ball that separates into orange-slice-like shapes

Logan: Orange slices?! Yum!

Tenney: No Logan! They are not real orange-slices!

Logan: Yeah? Well, who says they are not? All our other food is plastic!

Tenney: Don’t tell me you are going to try them.

Logan: And risk it being poisonous? Of course not! But I have a friend who will.

Tenney: What?

Tenney: AH!! Not you again!

Wendy: Hey Logan!

Logan: Hey Wendy! Ready to dare to eat packaging?

Wendy: Do you even have to ask?

Wendy: MMMM…

Logan: What’s the consensus?

Wendy: Yup! Plastic! So I’d say consumable, but ONLY for dolls.

Logan: HA! See! I told you, Tennis-Shoe!

Tenney: I can NOT believe what I am hearing…

Logan: I’m taking these! Later!

Tenney: And that’s all for today guys, besides if I go on I’d probably go insane…

Logan (offstage): Don’t be dramatic!

Tenney: Bye guys.

~ Tenney 👍

Hehe! That’s all for today, guys! I seriously recommend these mini brands. They will have you squealing (at least, that is what I did).

Also, be sure to check out my Instagram where I will exclusively be posting my future action figure photography as well as other things like Lego and my art: HERE!

Have you bought these? If you enjoyed the post, be sure to hit that like button! Bye, for now, everyone!



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