Why You Should Invest in a Barbie Made to Move Doll

Hello awesome readers! Today’s post is not sponsored, just my general opinion. Today’s topic is Barbie Made to Move dolls. I hope you enjoy the photos of all of our Made to Move Barbies.

This is Barbie. My friend had zero barbies but when she came over to my house and started experimenting with ours, she ended up asking for a Made to Move doll for her Birthday.

This is Jonica. These dolls can move nearly identically to human beings (besides fingers and toes), maybe even more so in some areas. They have movement at the head, upper arm, elbow, wrist, bust, leg, thigh, knee, and ankle.

This is Naomi. They are now coming in a variety of sizes an body types like the Fashionistas line. Naomi is a Tall Made to Move doll, and her sister Jonica is an original like Barbie.

This Wendoline. Wendy is a Curvy Made to Move Barbie. I have yet to see a version in Petite, but I hope they come out with one soon.

This is Ling. With the new one-size-fits-all fashion packs, you can dress your Made to Move doll and create a unique style from geeky to elegant. You can make your own little character, and might even be able to make one that looks like you, especially if you do a head swap with another Barbie, like a Fashionista.

This is Carrie. Barbies are small enough that you can take them with you. With all their bendable-ness they can fit into a variety of places. On the go, you can have fun styling their hair or snapping creative pics of them.

This is Rose. They do not exclusively have to be used as playthings. They can also be models to help you polish your drawing skills. That way you might not have to spend money on a drawing figure.

This is Alicia. These dolls are also just fun to fidget with. That’s right, forget the fidget spinner and cube. When you are bored just pick up your Made to Move Barbie and mess around with her joints. It is fun to try different poses.

This is Kimberleigh. These dolls are one of the most human-like dolls on the market at a reasonable price. They are even fun at parties as I found out when I brought Kim to a birthday and she had the attention of most of the teens and kids along with my friend’s new Made to Move doll.

I strongly suggest buying a Barbie Made to Move doll, especially if you are a doll enthusiast already. They are a whole lot of fun.

Which doll was your favorite? Do you have a Made to Move Doll? Tell me in the comments! Bye, for now, everyone!


P.S. It is confirmed that we will be moving, and I will not be able to bring my entire AG dollhouse. I will still try to keep up this blog, continuing on. Thank you to all of those who are praying for my family.


  • Sarah

    Ooh, cool!! My fav is Alicia! She looks like a mix between girly and tomboy! Also, I’m so sorry you will have to move, but be strong and of good courage. I will continue to pray.

    Hugs!! ❤️❤️

    • Jewel

      Yes! Alicia is so cool! She is my sister’s. 🙂 Thank you, Sarah! I really appreciate that!


  • Veronique

    Hi Jewel! Your photos are so pretty. I love how you pose the MTM dolls! Is it the Rock Climber Barbie or the Gray Top Yoga Barbie that you have in this post? Does she have a close enough skin tone to your Carrie doll (the one in the blue dress)? I’m trying to figure out if their color is similar enough so that it wouldn’t look weird if I put a Carrie head on a Barbie body. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but just close enough even if it’s a lighter-skinned body. I just have a Carrie head I got off ebay, but it’s from the first wave/edition of that doll that’s discontinued. The one sold now are a 2nd edition with much darker skin. So I’m trying to figure out what MTM Barbie to buy to give my Carrie head a body. Thanks!

    • Jewel

      Thank you so much!!! I have the rock climber. Her hair is more wavy than the yoga version and she also seems to have more makeup than that version, oddly enough. She does seem have the same skin tone as Carrie, if not they are very similar. You could definitely get away with a head swap. Mine is an older Carrie doll, I believe, because I got her around the time there were only 3 options for MTM dolls, so she should be the same as yours.


  • justAG

    Now, why can’t AG dolls move like that?? XD

    But I must say that Alicia is my favorite. Her outfit is super cute and fashionable at the same time. 🙂

    p.s. praying for you as you move! I know from personal experience it’s not always fun. <3

    • Jewel

      I know right?!

      Sweet! She is my favorite of my sister’s. 🙂

      Thank You so much! Yes, it not always fun, but I hope to be positive.

  • Katie

    Those are so awesome!!!! Love them! Alicia is my favorite, she’s really cool! Aww man, so sorry to hear you have to move… Moving is always hard, I’ll be praying!
    -Katie 🙂

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